Wednesday, November 6, 2013

FIVE TIMES - All of it.

This comic features two characters from "Sometimes I Think About You at Night" from Big Deal Comics & Stories #11. It's a prequel of sorts. Not sure if I'll ever bother printing this into a booklet of not. Maybe issue #14 just might have life outside of existing on paper. 


  1. This is a comment. I think it is a mother fucking travesty that people don't post comments on great things anymore. Seriously just going to start going door to door and slapping people in the mouth without explanation. Oh, and this comic is great. Perfect really. Especially "the time he drank too much" sequence. You are the best. Everyone else has a face slappin' comin'.

  2. You draw the best rain in the business. I want to see more P. Dean romance stories!

  3. Why don't you print it?

    Christ I'd buy it! It's Goddamn brilliant.

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