Saturday, September 26, 2015

Eddie's end approaches.

I am almost finished penciling "Eddie's Week". Then all I have to do is ink it, scan it, and then run some copies off for people to read and pitch it to publishers. Am I almost to the halfway point? Yes. Am I close to having it all done so I can start on my next project (a western)? 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Batman's 8 Parts of Speech.

When I was in junior high, my English class was given the assignment to write about the eight parts of speech. In order to avoid having to write a bunch of words on paper, I asked my teacher if I could do the assignment in the form of a comic book. I think she told me if I could pull it off there's no reason I couldn't do it. Naturally I did what most kids in 1989 would have done; draw Batman talking to the reader about the eight parts of speech. 

I'm almost certain I waited until the last minute to do this because it's obvious I didn't pencil it before drawing it. Most of the word balloons are littered with scribbled out typos and halfway through I stopped coloring it, except for the panels that were based on the Tim Burton directed Batman movie. Those absolutely had to be in color, even if it was due the next day. 

The teacher gave me an A on this project. Not a high A, but maybe something right on the edge of a B. Felt like I got off easy. I don't know why junior high me would think it was funny to insert myself into the comic; I was full of self loathing and couldn't stand looking in the mirror for longer than it took to brush my teeth. The comic is full of corny jokes, most of which I still make today. Anyway. I hope you enjoy reading this embarrassing artifact of 1989.