Friday, May 9, 2014


Hey, I'm taking pre-show art commissions!

I'm going to have a spot in Indie Island at HeroesCon 2014! Last year I did a few advance art commissions, where people would email me what they want, I'd draw it, and have it ready for them at HeroesCon.

If you're attending the show and want me to draw something for you, email me what you'd like and for $10 I will have your artwork ready at HeroesCon, first thing Friday morning. You can pay me at the show.

If you'd like to request an art commission and won't be at HeroesCon, then I can do that too! For a few extra bucks, I will figure out shipping & handling and mail it to you, packaged safe n' sound so it doesn't arrived dinged up.

$10 for 7 x 10" black & white with one spot color. Or maybe you'd prefer classic black and white.

One character, minimal background. Send your request here

May 27th Update: Here's some recent commissions I've finished.