Monday, April 19, 2010

FLUKE Anthology!

So, this year's FLUKE Mini-Comics & Zine festival has come and gone. I didn't have much there new to sell except for a few drawings, but this year's FLUKE comics anthology did consist of a book-length story I wrote and loosely penciled. Here's the cover-
It features a lot of Athens/Atlanta folks on inking it and making every page their own.
Allen Spetnagel
Mandy Mastrovita
Chelsea Lea
Chris Schweizer
Falynn Koch
Hunter Wook-Jin Clark
Aaron Fu
David Mack
Devlin Thompson
Robert Newsome
Eleanor Davis
Drew Weing
Michele Chidester
Joey Weiser
Claire Houser
Judson Culver

Here's a review of the book-

We ran out of the 250 print run at FLUKE, but we'll reprint them soon and have them for sale at FLUKE's website.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Georgia Magazine Music Issue

I illustrated the cover to the most recent Georgia Magazine, UGA's alumni magazine. This is their music issue, with a mess of articles about the local music scene in Athens.