Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cover for "The Grizzly"; Big Deal Comics & Stories #13.

A twenty-four page comic about lost bears, upbeat coworkers, early sunsets, new constellations, rooftops, and anxiety. It's inked, edited, scanned and laid out, so I should have it run off pretty soon. I wanted to have it done before FLUKE, but it would have looked rushed. As it is, the comic was an exercise with inking as fast and loosely as I can without it looking like I didn't have my heart in it, so trying to reach an arbitrary deadline would've taken the fun out of inking the last half. Midways through the story, the sun sets before lunchtime, so there's a lot of dark panels which I found exciting to ink. Lots of shadows, night skies, dark buildings and such. 

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  1. You just give me the "go" signal, and I'm placing my order. Congrats on getting another issue done. Judging from past performance, no sign of a lull in quality. In fact, quite the opposite!