Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Physical copy of "Eddie's Week" (or "The Copy Shop is My Loyal Publisher")

Here's a blurry camera phone photo of a printed out copy of "Eddie's Week", thanks to the good people at UPS for printing up the pdf and binding it for me. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Jacob Morrow's " A Head for Business"

Forgot to mention this last week, but the sixth issue of "She Wolf" by Rich Tommaso came out last Wednesday. It's not only the second issue in a new story arc (you're reading it, right?), but it also features a five page backup comic I illustrated with Rich providing the script. Pick it up if you're out and about a comic shop.
(To be paranoid, it's a comic recommended for adults. It's pretty bloody, since it is a werewolf story and they're almost always gruesome by nature. "American Werewolf in London" is a great film, but it'll be awhile before I let my kids watch it)

Thursday, February 2, 2017


There. "Eddie's Week" is done. All 190 pages of it. Hooray for me. Finished. Sort of. 

Er, now I just have to touch up the first thirty or so pages (they look a little sparse on the ink compared to the rest of the comic) and scan it all in. Then I'll be done. But for the most part, the monster is sewn up and complete; I just need to give it a haircut and put it in some fancy clothes. I'm going to drop this monster metaphor right now because I am tired and borderline incoherent. Good night.

Friday, January 6, 2017

She Wolf backup comic!

I have a five page backup story in Rich Tommaso's She Wolf #6, out in late February from Image Comics. Issue five starts a new chapter in Rich's teenage werewolf saga, so if you're not already reading it, this is the month to start!
Rich wrote the script, which was a ton of fun to work with. Corpse robbers, cannibals, and murder. What more could you want in a horror story?