Monday, June 27, 2011

Like surgery, so I'm told.

3.5 x 7.5" Ink on paper, digitally colored


  1. It says 'Ink on paper,' but that's just the line drawing isn't it? You must be using digital colour - are you?

  2. Oh yeah, I am. I need to put "digitally colored". Today I was half awake and almost typed "colored on a computer", but thought that sounded wonky.

  3. Apologies for being pedantic. Great illustration - your choice of colours is brilliant. I came across your work in the CTRL.ALT.SHIFT Unmasks Corruption collection. Yours was the best in the whole thing, great line work too.
    There now, has that swelled your head enough?

  4. Oh, I didn't think you sounded pedantric at all! I'm always self conscious about whether I'm putting too much or too little information about a drawing. Some artists post something with nothing but "HERE" and other write up essays, so yeah. I enjoyed doing that CTRL.ALT.SHIFT story. Totally flattered and head swollen. I will be damaging door frames today.

    What I like about blogspot is whenever anyone starts following me, I check out their site and before you know it I'm bowled over by how many great artists there are out there I never knew about. I love your art blog too!