Tuesday, June 30, 2009


There's a contest over at Darwyn Cooke's blog concerning the chance to win a signed promo copy of his upcoming comic adaptation of Richard Stark's first Parker book, The Hunter. Draw your interpretation of Parker and he'll pick his five favorites at the end of the contest. So, my hat's been tossed in the ring.

This is a scene from the opening of Slayground, the 14th Parker novel.

I've been pretty drawn into Donald Westlake/Richard Stark's books lately. Ingenious stuff. I think I've read close to twenty of his novels in the past year.


  1. Nice! I wish I knew more about Parker than the movie POINT BLANK ... I'd have to draw him as Lee Marvin.

    What is that vision of insanity in the title graphic?

  2. (And for "insanity", read "awesome insanity" ...)

  3. The title graphic is from the 7th issue of Big Deal Comics, the one that's letter sized. It had a wrap around cover inspired by my vague memory of my older brother's Micronaut City.